Introducing Color Schemes in Your Newly Remodeled Kitchen or Bathroom

Modern kitchens and bathrooms are so often adorned in neutral colors such as white, light gray, or pale blue, that they can sometimes lose the sense of identity that a popping color scheme can offer. But, this may soon be coming to an end! 2020 promises to be the year of popping colors, and we at AAA Distributor are here to give you some top tips on how to incorporate colors that pop in your newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom.!

1. Kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops draw the eye, and they’re at the perfect height to offset the floor and ceiling with some exciting colors. With modern technology, such as engineered quartz, high-quality laminate, and even colored wood, there are plenty of exciting options to make the countertop the center of your kitchen's color design.

2. Popping appliances

Appliances are almost always black, white, or chrome, but what if they were sky blue, sunset orange, or pea green? Funky colored and matching appliances such as fridges, stovetops, and range hoods bring character to the space. This way, your appliances will blend in with your design rather than looking out of place.

3. Open shelves

Whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen, open shelves create space that can be filled with colorful ornaments, plants, or pictures. It’s a great, cheap, and versatile way to bring some character to the space, and it can be changed as regularly as you see fit! In bathrooms, deep blues, sandy oranges, and natural wood work well. For kitchens, it really depends on the character you wish to achieve!


4. Showing off the sink

The sink is an important feature in both a kitchen and bathroom, but it’s always the same old simple white porcelain design! Why not make a change? How about a deep turquoise or terracotta colored sink for the bathroom? And maybe a charcoal grey or forest green sink for the kitchen? Much like with appliances, this will make the sink pop, bringing it to the fore of your newly designed space.

5. Finishing it off with some funky furniture

When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, always think about the furniture you’re going to include! So often people make beautiful designs and then add boring, monochrome furniture that takes away from the overall color scheme. Be brave! Would a mustard yellow table contrast well with the dark granite countertop, or would navy blue bar stools frame the white marble breakfast bar well? Take these into consideration BEFORE deciding on your final design to have a complete, polished look.

Plain, safe, and clean colors are out, and dramatic, eccentric, and popping colors are in for 2020. Make sure you take a look at all of the exciting new ways you can incorporate a lick of color into your newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom. If you are looking for high-quality remodeling products at wholesale prices (and why wouldn't you be?!), then head down to AAA Distributor for the latest on-trend products for your project.