Shower Doors, Bath-Tub Doors, Shower Enclosures

LessCare shower doors, bath-tub doors, and shower enclosures extend our bathroom product line. All models are made of clear tempered glass and vary by glass thickness. All models are separated by 6 product lines: ULTRA-A, ULTRA-B, ULTRA-C, ULTRA-D, ULTRA-E, and ULTRA-F. Each product line has its own specifications and construction type.


The most affordable but still quality shower and bath-tub doors with chrome finished hardware. Doors are made of 6mm clear tempered glass. Glass doors and panels are surrounded by aluminum frame with chrome finish. Each ULTRA-E model has pre-installed wide towel rack on the stationary glass panel.


Advanced mounting system and semi-frameless construction makes this line very modern and stylish. You will definitely want to have one in your bathroom. The doors are made of 8 mm clear tempered glass. Select from chrome or brushed nickel finished hardware to match the style of your bathroom.


Modern style of fully frameless shower doors, bath-tub doors, and shower enclosures will impress even the most demandable bathroom interior designers. Each hardware part is well designed and accurately detailed. Only the best quality materials were used to manufacture LessCare shower doors, bath-tub doors, and shower enclosures. Each ULTRA-C model will look just right in any bathroom.


Ultra thick 12mm clear tempered glass doors and heavy-duty barrel rolls make ULTRA-D shower doors, bath-tub doors and, shower enclosures are the highest and the most durable models. Select you hardware finish between shiny chrome and matte brushed nickel to complete the style of your bathroom.


For those who loves minimalistic design we have designed ULTRA-E shower doors. Frameless 12mm tempered glass is mounted on the wall with only 2 chrome finished hinges. ULTRA-E shower doors come with only 3 sizes but can be extended with a matching stationary glass panel of different sizes.


ULTRA-F bath-tub door by LessCare is made of 10mm clear tempered glass and like UTRA-E models is mounted on the wall with 2 chrome finished swing hinges. The door features wide towel rack. The door is a perfect alternative to your shower curtain.


If you have any questions about shower doors dimensions and specifications please feel free to contact our customer support at 215-745-7900.